Saturday, May 11, 2013

Signature Flight: Full steam ahead on Google airport despite California Environmental Quality Act suit

Signature Flight Support will not slow its approach despite an environmental lawsuit that seeks to stall work on the company's $82 million private aviation facility at San Jose International Airport.

"For Signature, our development project remains 'full-speed ahead' with a projected groundbreaking in the fall," SFS President Maria Sastre said in a statement on Friday. "We're as committed and excited as ever to work closely with San Jose and its leadership, along with airport management, to ensure our $82 million investment in San Jose comes to fruition."

On Thursday, competitor Atlantic Aviation filed suit against the city of San Jose under the state's California Environmental Quality Act. The company says the city erred by approving the elite jet facility without performing required environmental impact reviews. City Attorney Rick Doyle told me late Thursday the lawsuit is without merit.

Signature Flight Support received approval last month to build 270,000 square feet of hangar space on the airport's west side, most of which would be leased by a company that manages the private aircraft of Google's Eric Schmit, Sergey Brin and Larry Page. Atlantic is currently the only fixed-base operator at the airport.

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