Saturday, May 11, 2013

Need a drink?? New airport bar offers extensive tequila selection: Portland International (KPDX), Oregon


PORTLAND, Ore. – Flight delays maybe just got a bit more tolerable at Portland International Airport.

You might even appreciate that extra time if you end up perusing the menu at Sandovals Tequila Grill, the newest addition to PDX that is being billed as the world’s largest airport tequila bar.

The bar has its grand opening on Thursday.

So what does it take to earn the label of “world’s biggest airport tequila bar?” That would be the 200 types of tequila that owner Danny Sandoval serves.

His bar isn’t intended to be a party spot, but rather more of a history lesson about the spirit. Sandoval has traveled to the agave fields in rural parts of Mexico to hand-pick his favorite tequilas.

He describes himself as a “tequila snob” who has spent 26 years learning about the drink.

“I don’t know what you did in college, but I know the first time I indulged in tequila it wasn’t the right way to do anything,” he joked. Now, he’s trying to teach people that right way.

Some of the prices mean that his bar isn’t exactly a place to throw back shot after shot.

“I’d say be careful when you say you want ‘good’ because the price range is from $6 to $125 dollars for one glass,” Sandoval said.

With such a high-end concept, you may be wondering why Sandoval chose to open at the airport.

“I know, but the support we get is incredible. You’ve got people who are sitting out here who are wonderful, who have nothing better to do,” he explained. “You have a captive audience and they have nothing better to do than to listen to you.”

Don’t expect to just pop in to Sandovals on a random weekend, however. The bar is located behind the TSA checkpoint in the C terminal, meaning you’ll need a plane ticket to drink this tequila. 

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