Monday, May 20, 2013

Fire damages hangar, planes at South St Paul Municipal Airport-Richard E Fleming Field (KSGS), South St Paul, Minnesota

SOUTH ST. PAUL, Minn. - Fire broke out in a hangar at Fleming Field Monday morning damaging several planes. 

The fire department was called around 10:30am and worked quickly to extinguish the flames. Their primary concern was isolating the fire before it hit fuel and other planes.

"Concerns about it rapidly spreading from hangar to hangar," says Mark Erickson, Assistant Chief of South Metro Fire Department. "It's open ceilings in this place so once the fire gets up and gets going it can spread rapidly."

The hangar houses 10 private planes according to the airport manager. Damage appears to be limited to two to three planes.

A mechanic was working on one of the planes when the fire broke out. He made it out safely.

Spilled fuel ignites hangar fire at Fleming Field airport in South St. Paul

Spilled fuel ignited a fire in a single-aircraft hangar in the southeast metro Monday morning, damaging the structure and the plane, the facility’s manager said.

The fire occurred shortly before 10:30 a.m. at Fleming Field in South St. Paul, which serves general aviation pilots. There is no indication that anyone was hurt, said airport manager Glenn Burke.

The flames were quickly brought under control, and fire personnel were tending to hot spots, Burke said.

Burke said the fire began when a plane owner was working on his aircraft, and some fuel spilled and caught fire.

The owner “is very lucky” he escaped unscathed, Burke added.

The hangar is one of 10 in a row of single-aircraft structures. Hangars on either side of the one that burned and their contents were modestly damaged, fire officials said.

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