Monday, January 14, 2013

Ukraine International Airlines launches 10 international routes earlier occupied by AeroSvit

Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) has announced the start of sales of tickets for the period starting from the summer navigation schedule of 2013 for some new international routes for the airline, which until recently were operated by AeroSvit Airline (both based in Kyiv).

According to a report of UIA, from March 31, 2013, new daily flights from Kyiv to Warsaw, Kaliningrad, Vilnius and Prague will be launched.

In addition, from April 1, 2013, flights to Stockholm, and from April 2, 2013 flights to Copenhagen will be launched, and they will be performed five times a week. UIA will fly to Athens from April 1, 2013 four times a week.

The airline from April 27, 2013 will fly on Saturdays on the Kyiv-Thessaloniki-Kyiv route and three times a week to Batumi, while from May 21, 2013 the carrier will perform flights to Nizhnevartovsk three times a week.

The prices of a round trip ticket, taking into account all fees, will be the following: from UAH 1,744 to Warsaw, from UAH 2,344 to Kaliningrad, from UAH 3,120 to Vilnius, from UAH 3,456 to Prague, from UAH 2,256 to Stockholm, from UAH 2,304 to Copenhagen, from UAH 3,520 to Athens, from UAH 3,560 to Thessaloniki, from UAH 2,920 to Batumi and from UAH 4,144 to Nizhnevartovsk.

Ukraine International Airlines was founded in 1992. Its fleet consists of 19 medium-ranged Boeing 737. The airlines operates flights to 40 capitals and cities of Europe, Asia, Africa, and the CIS. It also services connecting flights with routes of its international partners in more than 3,000 cities around the globe. Its main airport is Kyiv's Boryspil International Airport.


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