Friday, November 23, 2012

First Air Confirms Yellowknife Layoffs

Yellowknife N.W.T.  -  First Air is now confirming more than a dozen job losses in Yellowknife. 

Company spokesperson Jennifer Alldred said the layoffs come after a consolidation of the jet pilot base to Edmonton and restructuring in their Hercules department.

"Unfortunately these changes are resulting in five jet pilot losses, five Herc pilots and three flight engineer positions lost."

Alldred said customers of First Air should NOT notice any changes in service. 

"We continue to be committed to the North, our customers and our employees.  And it's important for everyone to know that the flight service in Yellowknife is not changing for our customers.  We're operating the same flight schedule and providing the same service that First Air is known for."

First Air issued a news release last week about the jet pilot base moving to Edmonton, but the company wasn't entirely clear about how many layoffs there would be in Yellowknife. 

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