Friday, November 23, 2012

Elder wants Parasi airfield reopened

A villager elder of Liwe, South Malaita Ishmael Ouou has called on Clement Honiola and his party to stop disputing the operation of Parasi airfield.

Mr Ouou said it is sad to see after more than ten years, the airfield has been upgraded only to be disputed again by Mr Honiola and his party.

“If Mr Honiola who claimed ownership of the land did not want to open the operation of the airstrip, we kindly ask him to destroy the airstrip so that we can replace it with our land.

“Such attitude towards national development which benefits our people is not welcomed.

“I believe God is the owner of the land and we are only custodians. Therefore we should not start a dispute over land,” Mr Ouou said.

This ministry of communication and aviation has confirmed the closure of the airstrip due to dispute.

But they said they hoped to resolve the issue with the two disputing parties and reopen the airstrip before the end of the year.

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