Sunday, September 23, 2012

Plane Hits Hawk During Takeoff, Returns To Port Columbus International Airport (KCMH), Columbus, Ohio

COLUMBUS, Ohio --  A Delta flight crew turned a plane bound for New York around when their aircraft hit a bird shortly after takeoff from Port Columbus International Airport Sunday.

Port Columbus officials tell NBC4 that no one was injured on the plane.

The flight crew followed protocol and turned the plane around to transfer the 30 passengers to a new plane, according to officials.

The flight was heading to JFK International Airport in New York

Officials say the nose gear area of the plane came in contact with a red-tailed hawk shortly after the noon takeoff.

Airport spokesman David Whittaker said that the plane involved with the collision sustained minimal or no damage in the contact with the bird which he described as “glancing.”

The red-tailed hawk typically weighs from two to four pounds and has a wing span averaging 40 inches.

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