Friday, August 17, 2012

'Attention seeker': British Airways steward jailed for hoax bomb threat he left in plane's toilet so he could 'save the day' and be promoted

A British Airways steward who wrote a bomb threat on a jet’s toilet door mid-flight so he could 'save the day' as a hero and get a promotion was jailed for six months today. 

'Attention seeker' Mathew Davis, 22, was a member of the crew on the Boeing 777 flight from London to Tokyo with 150 passengers on board when he posted the message claiming there was a live bomb on the plane that was going to explode mid-air.

The note read: 'The bomb on board will explode at 16.00GMT unless our demands are met' and he showed it to terrified stewardess Sarah Jane Spencer when the plane was 35,000 feet over the Middle East.

She spent the rest of the flight checking her watch believing her time had come but in reality it was a hoax by Davis so that he could tell the captain and get a promotion.

Judge Anna Guggenheim QC, who noted it was 'highly dangerous behaviour', said: 'This is an extremely serious example of a bomb hoax.

'Several hundred people aboard a plane at high altitude is a common thing in our world but they are extremely vulnerable.

'You wanted to create a crisis in order to be seen to equip yourself well, to be seen well by your employers, to rise in the estimation of your employers, putting it shortly to be a hero.

'Had you been believed the extent of the chaos and disruption and fear would have been very great indeed.'

Davis 'found' the message and told the captain and Ms Spencer but luckily the 'highly experienced' pilot realised it was a hoax almost immediately.

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