Friday, August 17, 2012

Reports awaited in runway incursion probe

The aviation regulator is awaiting the Mumbai air traffic control (ATC) office's report on a minor runway incursion that took place at Mumbai airport on August 9 to begin its probe. A runway incursion is a situation when an aircraft, airfield vehicle or an airport staffer enters the runway without prior permission from the ATC. 

On August 9, a Jet Airways aircraft mistakenly entered the airport's main runway while an Etihad Airways flight was scheduled to land on the same runway.

The aircraft maintenance engineer (AME) alerted the ATC official. The official then asked the arriving aircraft to make a go-around – an aborted landing, where the pilot takes-off mid-air.

"The arriving aircraft was seven nautical miles away from the one on the runway. However, we want to probe the miscommunication between the Jet pilot and the ATC official," said RK Khanna, deputy director, DGCA, western region.

The trainee controller on duty and the AME were suspended pending inquiry.

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