Friday, July 20, 2012

American Eagle Canadair CRJ-700, N502AE, flight MQ-3773: Caught on video – Dramatic emergency landing for Denver passengers

PEORIA, Ill. — It was a dramatic emergency landing for more than 50 passengers on board a flight from Denver to Chicago.

53 passengers and 4 crew members took off on the American Eagle flight Wednesday night. The flight was diverted to Peoria, IL due to bad weather, but things managed to get worse.

Passengers said after the landing gear was lowered, smoke started coming from the ceiling. The plane landed with fire trucks on standby. The passengers then jumped off the plane one by one. One passenger caught the whole thing on cell phone video. You can see it in the video clip above.

“This is how we just off of this freaking plane,” he said on the video. “No joke.”

Everyone on board made it out safely, though American Airlines reports one passenger injured an ankle. A charter bus took the passengers to Chicago, which is about a three hour drive. The airline is still investigating the cause of that smoke.

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