Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Satisfied with the television coverage of the Bhoja Air crash? Boeing 737-200, AP-BKC, Flight B4-213, Islamabad, Pakistan

By Atika Rehman  

As the Bhoja Air plane went up in flames on Friday evening, so did tempers within the Pakistani social media crowd.

Along with the “RIP all victims of Bhoja Air crash” status updates on Facebook, there were angry tweets questioning why television channels aired the passenger list and why images of the crash site were being aired.

It seemed that it was easier for people to direct their fury at the media for being “sensational, insensitive and unethical”.

Some from the media circle, however, defended the coverage and retaliated by saying that the reporters were doing their jobs.

This brings to light a few questions: do people realise how television works? Are viewers aware of the challenges of reporting tragedies?

I asked The Express Tribune staff a few questions and recorded them in the video above. Their answers were varied and interesting, especially since they are journalists who have a good understanding of the breaking news cycle.

I hope you can join in and add to the debate.

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