Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pilot error to blame for Kimberley chopper crash

Kimberley station owner Jillian Jenyns was killed in a helicopter crash near Fitzroy Crossing .

An investigation into a helicopter crash which killed Kimberley pastoralist Jillian Jenyns has found that pilot error caused the crash.

Owner of Brooking Springs Station, Ms Jenyns was killed in July last year when her Robinson R22 helicopter came down 14 kilometres outside of Fitzroy Crossing.

She was the only person on board.

In its report, the Australian Transport Safety Bureau says she should not have taken off at dusk because she was not qualified to fly at night and her aircraft was not equipped for night flying.

An examination of the helicopter found no evidence of any pre-existent defects or anomalies

The report says the case highlights the "significant risks" involved with pilots flying at night without the proper training and equipment.

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