Monday, April 23, 2012

New owners of Edinburgh Airport expected to be announced

The deadline for offers was last week and Global Infrastructure Partners could take over.

The new owners of Edinburgh Airport are expected to be announced in latest BAA sale.

A spokesman for the Scottish airport said that confirmation of the company set to take over the airport may be announced later today.

He said: “The deadline for bids was last week so we would be expecting some sort of announcement soon.”

It is understood that the front runner is Global Infrastructure Partners who currently run both Gatwick and London City Airport.

GIP acquired Gatwick Airport, the UK’s second busiest airport, from the BAA in 2009 and is on the brink of adding Edinburgh Airport to their portfolio.

The company has other investments in, oil, gas and renewable energy companies in North America, the UK and India.

The British Airports Authority was ordered to sell Edinburgh Airport by the Competition Commission in 2008 following concerns over the service at British Airports.

BAA had spent £11million on a new control tower as well as £19million on an extension and had pledged to invest £250million over the next ten years at the time of the decision but was still told to sell.

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