Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Man Says Someone Was Trying To Kill Him Before He Jumped Fence, Tried To Board Plane: Port Columbus International Airport (KCMH), Columbus, Ohio

Police say Luis Alberto Quintero-Denis told officers he jumped an airport fence and tried to board a plane because he feared for his own life.

COLUMBUS, Ohio - A man was arrested Monday night after he allegedly jumped a fence at Port Columbus International Airport and tried to board a plane. According to police, Luis Alberto Quintero-Denis said that he ran from the Hilton Garden Inn, located on Sawyer Road near the airport, shortly before 8 p.m. because someone was trying to kill him.

Quintero-Denis, 61, of Taylor, Pa., told police that he then came to a fence at the airport and climbed over it. He attempted to board two planes but found that each was locked, 10TV News reported. Quintero-Denis said that he then saw a plane at gate C-54 that people were boarding, and he tried to climb up between the plane and the jet bridge. Delta employees said that they saw the man and stopped him. Quintero-Denis was charged with criminal trespassing and was interviewed by the FBI, police said.


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