Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Simsbury Airport (4B9), Connecticut: Seeks to Boost Membership - Non-profit airport reduces fees to attract new pilots

The Simsbury Flying Club is seeking to boost membership with reduced storage fees.
Credit Jeff Brush

In effort to increase membership, the Simsbury Flying Club is offering new deals to local pilots to encourage them to rest their wings at the airport here in the valley.

The non-profit club recently announced that it will offer reduced monthly fees to owners who choose the tie-down option at the Simsbury Airport. Tie-down storage means the aircraft is secured to the ground by cable, not housed in a bunker or on the paved area of the airport.

The club will charge $49/month as opposed to the regular $95 monthly fee. They will also wave the annual membership fee to join the club. Simsbury Flying Club memberships are required to use the airport.

The tie-down option is not new, but Thomas said the club hopes to increase awareness with the current promotion.

"We're trying to attract new members," Airport Manager Bill Thomas said. "It's an area that's been in existence for years and years but it's been under-used."

Thomas said the airport has plenty of room for tie-down storage but the club doesn't have specifics about how many planes the airport has room for.

"It's hard for me to imagine a situation where we couldn't accommodate someone," Thomas said.

The airport will accept most general aviation aircraft, including helicopters, but the runway won't support larger twin engine planes or jets.

Thomas said the club doesn't just provide a place to park your plane. Instead the small airport provides competitive prices on fuel with 24-hour access, full maintenance services, and flight training and aircraft rental by Future Flyers of Connecticut.

The club also provides plenty of social activities for members and families throughout the year including a pig roast, the Simsbury Fly-In, and family picnics and other events.

For more information about joining the Simsbury Flying Club contact Airport Manager Bill Thomas at 860-693-4550 or wdthomas421@gmail.com or visit the club website here.


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