Thursday, April 05, 2012

Airport To Close For Runway Maintenance

Folks who have planned to come to or leave the Sioux Falls Regional Airport in the Fall might need to find some other friendly skies.

As part of a $7.7 million renovation project, the runway in Sioux Falls will be shut down for 16 days between August and September.

Nancy Brook, from Billings, MT, said although the closures are a little frightening, keeping up to date on maintenance is good.

"It's better to be safe then sorry when it comes to runways," said Brook.

Airport Director, Dan Letellier, said the runway work is necessary.

“We have two runways that intersect and the concrete on those runways is over 30 years old and it's time, we've done some patchwork over the years, but it's time to fully replace the concrete," said Letellier.

The Sioux Falls Regional Airport will be closed during the following dates:
August 17, 2012 (Friday 2pm CDST) Thru August 20 (Monday 8pm CDST)
August 24, 2012 (Friday 2pm CDST) Thru August 27 (Monday 8pm CDST)
September 7, 2012 (Friday 2pm CDST) Thru September 10 (Monday 8pm CDST)
September 14, 2012 (Friday 2pm CDST) Thru September 17 (Monday 8pm CDST)
The total project costs $7.7 million and is primarily funded by the FAA’s Airport Improvement Program.

Brook said the closures might affect her travel.

“As a business traveler, the concern is, if I have a meeting Monday morning, I would think how in the world am I going to get here," said Brook.

Letellier said he knows there will be inconveniences for some flyers during the closure dates, however, he said it will be less of an inconvenience then being closed for four to five weeks straight.

Airport officials said they have been working hard with the airlines to take all flights off the books during those closure dates.

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