Friday, March 30, 2012

All Hands Fire Equipment Announces Airplane Fire Safety Developments Regarding Fire Containment Bags

Many electronic devices such as Laptop Computers contain Lithium Ion Batteries that can potentially become a fire hazard on a plane. All Hands Fire Equipment is encouraging the use of fire containment bags as an important safety precaution that can help avert a dangerous in-flight situation. 

Neptune, NJ (PRWEB) March 30, 2012  Many of today’s electronic devices boast long battery life. Lithium ion batteries in electronics such as laptops, cellular phones and video game devices are long-lasting and reliable. Unfortunately they can also be dangerous, it has been determined that lithium ion batteries can be unstable which can cause them to overheat, ignite, catch fire and even explode. This is an even greater hazard in confined areas like airplanes. In fact, the FAA made a specific request for a solution to this potential hazard because of the risk posed by lithium ion battery devices during flights. Several extinguishment methods were evaluated including but not limited to Halon fire extinguishers, suppression with water and wrapping the device in a blanket. However none of these methods can contain the explosion sufficiently nor contain the smoke when these combustible devices ignite on a plane.

A manufacturer of fireproof products was commissioned by the FAA to come up with the ideal solution to the problem of fires and explosions started by lithium ion batteries. The product that was produced as a result is now known as the HOT STOP "L" Fire Containment Bag or the "Firefighter 1 Fire Containment Bag". Donald Colarusso, President of All Hands Fire Equipment and firefighter with 24 years experience stated that “The HOT STOP Fire Containment Bag is a quick solution when a lithium ion battery malfunctions and overheats. The Fire Containment bag can control the fire and smoke quickly when limited suppression resources are available.”

In any emergency and especially in case of fire, it is vital to gain control of the situation and eliminate the threat as quickly as possible. On a flight, the potential for fire is a particularly serious concern. In the event that a device containing a lithium ion battery overheat to the point that it catches fire, one can simply put on the safety gloves that are found inside the HOT STOP Fire Containment Bag, grab the device with their gloved hands and place it inside the bag. Once sealed, the bag effectively contains the fire so that the bag and device can be moved to a safe place.

As Mr. Colarusso emphasizes, “Safety is everyone’s responsibility. The potential hazards that can result from lithium ion batteries overheating to the point of fire are a clear danger that can affect anyone, especially during a flight”. Being prepared for such an occurrence with the HOT STOP Firefighter Fire Containment Bag can help avoid disaster and should be considered on every passenger aircraft. For more information please visit:

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