Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The People Of 1919 Imagined Circular Runways For New York City (You Know, For Our Personal Commuter Airplanes)

When the Wright Brothers did their thing in 1903, it apparently put the idea in people's heads that one day we'd all be flying, everywhere, for everything... even to our jobs. We've had this fantasy pop up time and time again—including the most popular pop culture reference of all, in The Jetsons—but it has yet to really happen on a broad scale, and for a long period of time. Sure, we had New York Airways, which helped some commuters skip traffic into the city, but that ended in the 1970s after too many people died and the company shut down operations. But let's go back further in time, to 1919, when this airplane business was new, and the ideas were even more wild.

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