Friday, February 10, 2012

No more frightening old planes in Russian league, KHL teams promise

It has taken some time after memorials, shown above, and initial grieving have ended, but Yaroslavl Lokomotiv is continuing its season in the VHL, a league below the KHL, as part of the process of bringing the team back to Russia's top league.

By PETER ADLER, The Edmonton Journal

Russia’s Continental Hockey League (KHL) teams will from now on use only Boeing and Airbus planes for their travel to and from games, and those aircraft must not be older than 15 years.

The league made the decision Thursday, upon a recommendation from its players’ association. The move, late as it is, comes as a reaction to last season’s crash that killed the entire Lokomotiv Yaroslavl team. Russian Yak-40 aircraft was used in the tragic flight.

The league also imposed several additional conditions on companies bidding for travel services for KHL teams. These companies must be debt-free. They also must have guaranteed access and landing and takeoff rights in all airports used by KHL clubs.


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