Friday, February 10, 2012

Trelleborg Supports 'e-Go' Innovation

High performance tooling block from Trelleborg Offshore has been used in the development of an innovative new Single Seat De-Regulated (SSDR) class aircraft designed by UK based light aircraft company, e-Go aeroplanes. 

Trelleborg sponsored the project by providing its EP678 tooling block to help with the development of the state-of-the-art 'e-Go' aircraft, which was the winning design in a competition held by the Light Aircraft Association (LAA) to develop aircraft that meet the new de-regulated rules in the UK. The SSDR class demands an exceptionally low weight of less than 115Kg.

Tony Bishop, CEO at e-Go Airplanes, commented: "In 2007, following an announcement by the UK's Civil Aviation Authority of the new class of aircraft, the Light Aircraft Association (LAA) launched a competition for new designs in this category. We designed the e-Go project to be exciting, efficient, easy to fly, ecological and ergonomic and entered it into the 'state-of-the-art' category of the competition.

"We originally entered the competition for the challenge and to realize our long-held ambitions to design a complete airplane, therefore we were over the moon to find out that we had won and overwhelmed with the immediate demand for our design - we quickly got serious about building it, flying it and commercializing it.

"Trelleborg Offshore has sponsored the development of this project by generously providing half-size boards of its EP678 tooling block to make the patterns for all the composite work. When building the e-Go, we require accurately machined patterns with an excellent surface finish and temperature stability as we have to be able to make the composite components quickly, efficiently and with an excellent finish; Trelleborg's epoxy block are ideal for this and we are really happy with the results. Thanks to global support from companies such as Trelleborg Offshore, we are on track to make our dream aircraft a reality."

The programme has now reached the prototype phase and patterns are currently being machined at a number of CNC shops. Moulds and parts are then built at the e-Go Centre from composite materials, mainly pre-impregnated carbon. The first prototype flight is planned for Summer 2012 and production is expected to commence soon after. The company's aim is to manufacture 30 aircraft in the first year.

Trelleborg Offshore has been manufacturing high performance tooling materials for more than 20 years. Through constant innovation and development, the company has increased its range of epoxy-based tooling boards to cater for all needs, from light modelling work through to high performance carbon fibre component production.

Its tooling solutions are used extensively where performance, durability and reliability are required, encompassing such industries as Formula 1, Automotive, Aerospace, Marine and Leisure.

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