Thursday, February 02, 2012

Decorated Royal Air Force pilot 'sexually assaulted woman in her bed after party'... and she thought it was husband (until she punched him in the face)

A decorated RAF Chinook pilot sexually assaulted a woman in bed after a Christmas party, a court heard today.

A SCOTTISH RAF Chinook pilot sexually assaulted a woman in bed after a Christmas party and she then committed a sex act on him wrongly believing it was her husband, a court heard today.

Squadron Leader Kai Macnaughton, 42, who has completed seven tours in Afghanistan, went into the woman's bedroom as his wife and her husband were downstairs at the party, and put his hand under the covers to touch her intimately, Winchester Crown Court heard.

The prosecution alleges that the woman, who had been asleep, had her genitals touched by Macnaughton and she thought it was her husband. She then felt a hand lead her towards the man's penis and she touched it briefly.

The man then got up and the woman, in her 40s, realised it was not her husband and she started screaming and punched him when he came back into the room, the jury was told.

She told the court she did not consent to the sexual activity with the officer and had not flirted with him during the evening.

The woman and her husband, who were planning to stay the night, packed and left and later called the police.

Fearing his wife would kick him out, Macnaughton initially told her and the police that he had gone into the room and committed a "voyeuristic" sex act on himself because he could see the woman's nipple as she slept.

Only later did he confess he had touched the woman, who cannot be named, and he claimed she had committed the sex act on him voluntarily.

Giving evidence in the witness box, Macnaughton, who has been in the RAF for 20 years and has been mentioned in dispatches for his service, said he thought she was awake and had consented to the activity because they had two "drunken snogs" earlier.

He and his wife Clare have now separated, the jury was told.

Macnaughton, who is based at RAF Odiham in Hampshire, denies sexual assault and causing the woman to engage in sexual activity without consent.

The jury was told by Macnaughton that his marriage was in trouble and he had an affair five years previously that his wife knew about. He said he and the woman had been flirting with each other at the party in the marital home in Hampshire on December 23, 2010 and they had danced.

"I said she looked great, she had lost some weight. I said she looked hot, those were my words, and she liked them, smiled and carried on dancing," Macnaughton told the jury.

"Later on in the evening I moved on to the sofa and our thighs were pressed against each other. It was nice she was returning the pressure, but it was surprising."

She then kissed him all over his face while their partners were still in the room and Macnaughton said it was "unexpected and amorous".

"She's a beautiful woman who I have always got on with. I felt more attracted to her on that night," he explained.

"She seemed very in control of herself. I would agree she had a good amount to drink but (she) seemed in control and aware - both of us were socially drunk."

The two then decided to leave their partners downstairs and go to separate bedrooms to sleep, Macnaughton said.

He then went into the woman's room to hand over some glasses of water and the woman was fully dressed.

"I went to give her a goodnight kiss and a long hug turned into a long kiss. Not open-mouthed - a drunken snog is what I would call it.

"I asked her if she wanted a back massage. She said, 'No, we'd better not'. I read from that she didn't want to do anything on that occasion in terms of a back massage.

"She gave me a gentle prod good-naturedly.

"I was very pleased. I felt she was attracted to me sexually. I was thinking we could potentially have an affair with each other. I felt it was something we could take further. I was unhappy in my marriage."

Macnaughton said he then went to sleep but was woken by what he thought might be noises from children in the house and he went into the woman's room to see if she had heard anything.

"The door was slightly ajar. There was no light on," he told the jury. "I moved into the room and said, 'It's Kai. Are you awake?'

"I got a murmured 'yes' in response.

"I felt we could continue our drunken dalliance and I moved towards her bed. I could hear them talking downstairs.

"I kneeled down beside the bed and put my hand under the bed covers.

"She started to moan, so I started to take her knickers off and she kicked them off when they got down to her knees.

"She seemed awake to me. She responded to me. She said 'yes'. She was moaning and she had kicked her knickers off - all actions that told me she was awake. I thought we could take our sexual liaison ... our drunken sexual dalliance further."

His defence counsel Kirsty Brimelow QC asked: "Did it cross your mind she might not be expecting you to come into the room?"

Macnaughton replied: "I never felt, at any point, she would not welcome my advances."

Miss Brimelow said: "Did you do anything to give her the impression you were her husband?"

"No I didn't," Macnaughton replied. "She seemed awake and aware it was me."

He said he was about to kiss her and she reached out and took hold of him. He said he touched her and "it was an incredibly sexual experience".

Macnaughton told the jury: "I felt guilty I had betrayed my wife and that got to me."

He then went downstairs but came back up and went back into the woman's room and she was sat up.

"I intended to talk to her and to find out whether we could take our dalliance further," he explained.

"She went absolutely mental. She started screaming and shouting at me. I was stunned. I was absolutely in shock. She said 'You f*****, you bastard. You were on top of me'."

He went on: "I'm a decent person. I wouldn't go into someone's room. I was speechless. I could not believe why she was being like this. I backed out of the room immediately. I was in complete shock."

His wife and the woman's husband came straight up and the woman punched Macnaughton, he told the jury, and then tried to kick him - forcing her husband to restrain her.

"She was being violent and aggressive to me, shouting and screaming," he told the court.

Later he told his wife that he had gone into the room as a voyeur and he then told the police the same story when he was arrested.

He told the court he did not immediately tell the truth because he feared his wife would kick him out and take the children and the lie was better because it gave him a chance, especially after the affair five years previously.

"I was in shock. I could not process rational thoughts. She (Clare) seemed to accept it at the time. We agreed to separate but stay together for Christmas."

Later he said the lie was "destroying me" and he told his parents after his wife went to Dubai and he then told the police.

Asked how he felt about lying, an emotional Macnaughton replied: "I desperately regret it. I really wish I hadn't."

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