Thursday, February 02, 2012

Long distance plane trip promoting organ donation

Photo courtesy of Chris and Corrine McLaughlin 
Chris and Corrine McLaughlin in the cockpit of the Cessna Skyhawk they are flying from Nantucket to the tip of South America. 

By Lindsay Pykosz

There are 16,000 miles between Nantucket and the tip of South America, a daunting distance to travel in a small Cessna Skyhawk, even if it is specially outfitted for the journey.

But the challenging trip, which began in September, is nothing compared to the nightmare Nantucketers Chris and Corrine McLaughlin experienced in 2010 when Chris almost died after suffering both liver and kidney failure due to his exposure to hepatitis as a child.

After many months in intensive care at King’s College Hospital in London, he was given a “last-minute” liver transplant that saved his life. Thus, the trip, which has a two-fold mission: it’s a fundraiser and a gesture of appreciation for the amount of support they received from the hospital during the ordeal, and a way to raise awareness about how important it is to become an organ donor.

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