Saturday, December 24, 2011

Massachusetts: Transportation Security Administration confiscates cupcake from Peabody woman

PEABODY, Mass. -- A Peabody woman was traveling from Boston to Las Vegas with a cupcake when a TSA agent confiscated the sweet treat.

“He said ‘oh I don’t know, it’s getting harder and harder with the holidays coming,” said Rebecca Hains, the woman who had her cupcake confiscated.

Hains said the frosting and the glass container were what raised concerns for the TSA.

“He explained to me that the frosting constitutes a gel-like substance and part of the way that he had arrived at this decision apparently was that it was in a container in which it conformed to the container’s shape. I offered to take it out and put it in a zip-lock bag on the spot and he said ‘no I can’t let you touch it.’ So once he had identified it as a security threat it was no longer mine and I couldn’t have it back,” said Hains.

The red velvet ‘to-go’ cupcake from Cohassett’s Wicked Good Cupcakes was a gift from a friend to Hains. The cupcake was packaged in an 8-ounce mason jar.

Hains had flown out of Logan Airport with two cupcakes.

“And actually, the TSA agent who saw them, picked them up and said ‘these look delicious,’ and sent me on my way,” said Hains.

TSA said it was reviewing the circumstances of the case. However, they said that passengers are allowed to take cakes and cupcakes through security checkpoints.

“I really feel that there was no doubt in his mind that this way a cupcake but he was being technical about things. Obviously he knew it was not a terrorist threat,” said Hains.

When Wicked Good Cupcakes heard about the issue they offered to send Hains another cupcake.

“They were so kind, they said ‘we’re going to send you a replacement cupcake,’ so I win in the end,” said Hains.

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