Saturday, December 17, 2011

Bangladesh: Dense fog blinds Shah Amanat International Airport

Chittagong, Dec 17 ( – Flight operations at the city's Shah Amanat International Airport were disrupted on Saturday morning due to dense fog.

Some domestic flights landed at the airport long after their scheduled arrival.

According to the Chittagong airport control room, no domestic flights from Dhaka came to Chittagong due to heavy fog on Saturday morning. Flight operations in the port city resumed around 11am.

Airport manager squadron leader Anis Ahmed told that three international flights landed in Chittagong instead of Dhaka due to dense fog in the capital as well.

"A flight each from Singapore, Hong Kong and Bangkok couldn't land in Dhaka due to heavy fog. They landed in Chittagong at late (Friday) night," he said. "The flights left for Dhaka after the fog gave way in the morning."

The biting chill and the fog also left life paralysed in the city on Saturday, with office-goers having to fend for themselves since few public transports were available in the morning.

Chittagong maritime port secretary Syed Farhad Uddin told that loading and unloading at the jetties and outer anchorage of the country's premier port were as usual.

Meghnad Tonchonga, an official at Patenga meteorological office, said there could be moderate to heavy fog in the morning and night till Sunday.

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