Friday, September 23, 2011

Air Charter Association of North America Hosts Critical Charter Operator / Broker Legalities Forum at National Business Aviation Association 2011

SALEM, N.H., Sep 23, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- The Air Charter Association of North America (ACANA), a nonprofit air charter association, will hold a forum on charter operator / broker legalities, transparency, consumer protection and update on Department of Transportation broker regulations.

WHERE: ACANA's conference takes place at the Las Vegas Convention Center during the National Business Aviation Association's annual convention

WHEN: Oct. 10, 2011, room 3 from 1 p.m. to 2:45 p.m.

WHAT: ACANA's candid forum and Q & A features renowned aviation attorney and author Kent Jackson of Jackson & Wade, along with seven other distinguished panelists: David McCown, Air Partner V.P., ACANA chairman; Joel Thomas, Stratos Jet Charters' president, ACANA president; Brent Moldowan, Wyvern Consulting Ltd.'s managing director, ACANA V.P.; Wayne Rizzi, Air Royale International's president and CEO; Michael Hackert, V.P. sales/marketing of Part 121 carrier Miami Air; Steve Lister, V.P. of Part 135 carrier Jet Select; and Le Bas International's COO Tracey Deakin.

"ACANA exists to affect change through promoting best practices and balanced regulatory action. We've confronted concerns within our industry and to government agencies with respect to regulation," said ACANA Chairman David McCown.

Topics panelists will address include:

-- Forthcoming DOT regulatory changes in regards to air charter brokers, which may affect charter operators that broker flights

-- Definition of illegal air charter--Part 125 and holding out as carrier

-- HR 5900 application or lack thereof to date from the DOT on Part 135 operators and the broker community

-- Pricing, products and "phantom" aircraft--what's ethical or legal?

-- Due diligence and liability with respect to brokering flights--where are the fail points in the brokering process and what's legal?

-- Operator-focused update on best practices and products found in the real world

-- How do memberships, jet cards and shared seats fit today's market?

-- Intent, disclosure and transparency in agreements--how do operators / brokers distinguish between ethical and unethical practices?

-- Broker / carrier relationship as it relates to pricing, practices and processes in the broker / operator relationship

"With a focus on best practices and an eye towards leading regulatory efforts, ACANA offers value to consumers of air charter," said Brent Moldowan, ACANA vice president.

SOURCE: Air Charter Association of North America

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