Thursday, May 21, 2015

Fatal accident occurred May 21, 2015 near Wendell H. Ford Airport (KCPF), Hazard, Perry County, Kentucky

LOST CREEK, Ky. (WYMT) - UPDATE: 11:30 p.m. - One person died in a plane crash near the Perry-Breathitt County line Thursday night.

The scene is not far from the Wendell Ford Airport.

The small plane went down in the Lower Lost Creek area around 6:30 p.m.

We do not know a whole lot at this point about the moments before the crash and what might have caused it. However, WYMT was on scene with investigators since right after the crash happened, as they combed through the wreckage, and tried to figure out what caused the plane to go down.

Police and firefighters from several agencies are gathering as much information as they can about this deadly crash and are also taking precautions to make sure fuel spilled from the plane does not catch fire.

Silas Miller lives nearby and rushed to the wreckage when he heard the plane go down.

Miller said, "It's just a mangled mess, it is spread out for about probably 30 yards, just sheets of metal".

Pieces of the aircraft were visible in trees and on the ground, but investigators are not sure if clipping a branch is what caused the plane to crash.

Perry County Deputy Coroner John Collett added, "Right now we are waiting for NTSB and FAA to show up at the scene. Kentucky State Police are going to secure the scene for the evening. We have one confirmed dead at this time. But we are reserving any more information and will release it as follows".

Three boys say they were playing outside when they saw the plane streak through the sky with smoke behind it.

Colin, Jackson, and Ace Miller witnessed the crash. They said, "It was a white plane with a black stripe down it. We were down there shooting ball and it came down through the air and zigzagged and spun in circles and hit the bank".

FAA investigators are expected to arrive here Friday morning.

Until FAA gets to the scene, we probably will not know who the victim was, how many victims there are, and what kind of plane it was.

Firefighters do not think the plane was carrying more than 40 gallons of fuel, so it was a small plane.

Police are on scene of a plane crash in Perry County in the Lower Lost Creek community near the Breathitt County line.

We have confirmed that the wreckage has been found and at least one person is dead. Two deputy coroners and emergency crews are responding to the scene.

The scene of the crash is near the Wendell Ford Airport, but officials at the airport would not comment at this time. The accident happened some time around 7:00 p.m. We do not have any information on the type of plane and how many people were aboard.

Perry County 911 dispatchers tell us that the 8000 block of Lost Creek Road and Gearl Valley Drive in Barger Bottom will be closed until further notice due to the crash.