Saturday, October 01, 2022

Icon A5, N574BA: Incident occurred September 30, 2022 on Lake Lillinonah, Newtown, Fairfield County, Connecticut

ICON Aircraft Inc

NEWTOWN, Connecticut — A plane that can operate on land and water was running low on fuel Friday when it made an unscheduled landing on Lake Lillinonah, officials said.

The plane, a small single-engine aircraft, landed safely around 11:30 a.m. Friday and refueled with assistance from people on shore before taking off again without incident, according to Assistant Fire Chief Ray Corbo, of Newtown Hook & Ladder. 

He said he did not know where the plane originated.

Corbo said the aircraft was running low on fuel “so they wanted to be safe and not try to make it back to the airport."

A pilot and one passenger were on board the plane.

The plane landed and was able to taxi to the town boat launch with its remaining fuel. Authorities dispatched a boat to assist, but it was not needed — a resident who lives nearby was able to help refuel the plane, Corbo said. 

The plane took off around 12:10 p.m. and “was able to leave the area safely,” Corbo said, flying out to Danbury Airport. 

Volunteers in Newtown lent a hand to a plane that had to make an unplanned landing.

Newtown Hook and Ladder responded to Lake Lillinonah where a pilot was low on fuel and reached out for a few gallons.

The department posted on social media that this was this was first time in its 139-year history it responded to such an emergency.

It was also Newtown Hook and Ladder’s 493rd call in 2022.


  1. What kind of gas ... 100 LL or auto gas?

    1. Yeah. I could have gotten an STC to burn auto gas in my Cessna, but the few pennies of savings didn't justify clogging up the engine. Besides, I prefer the smell of Avgas over Corn gas.

    2. Most planes I’ve seen using auto, on top of being maintained poorly (it’s cheap!) have had so much crud in their fuel systems.

    3. Either, but for MOGAS there are recommended types depending on engine series (91 octane only or lower octane being okay, ethanol % maximum, etc.).

    4. I was under the impression that A5's were recommended to use 91 Mogas instead of Leaded Aviation fuel when possible?