Saturday, October 01, 2022

Bell 47G, N24067: Incident occurred October 01, 2022 in Mesa, Arizona 

MESA, Arizona — A helicopter was forced to land at a Mesa intersection Saturday morning after an unknown mechanical problem, officials with the Mesa Fire Department said.

Around 5:50 in the morning, the Bell 47 helicopter made an emergency landing at 8th Avenue & South Sirine.

Officials say that the pilot was able to land safely with only minor damage to the aircraft. Fortunately, no injuries were reported from the pilot, or anyone on the ground.

Right now, the details of the mechanical problem that forced the landing are unclear. 

Mesa Fire and Police are on the scene until the helicopter can be safely removed, officials said.


  1. Good no one was hurt and classic “MASH” type helicopter was not destroyed

  2. Too bad the tailboom assembly is bent. I wonder what the repair would entail?

    1. Wonder if spare parts are available? Think some company bought the type certificate and making parts