Saturday, October 01, 2022

Bell 206B-3 JetRanger III, N284CA: Accident occurred October 01, 2022 in Fresno, California

National Transportation Safety Board - Accident Report Number: WPR23LA004 

Organ Mountain Aviation Co LLC

FRESNO, California (FOX26) — A helicopter crashed near homes Saturday morning in Southeast Fresno.

Fresno Police responded around 9:54 a.m. for reports of a helicopter crash at a home on Garrett Avenue, near Jensen and Willow Avenue.

When police arrived, they say they found a helicopter crashed in between two houses, with the pilot laying on the floor and the passenger walking around.

FOX 26 obtained surveillance video showing the moment the helicopter crashed to the ground.

In the video, you can see the crash and people start to gather around as the pilot and passenger exit the helicopter.

The pilot was a 47-year-old man, and the passenger was a 33-year-old man.

Police say they were both conscious, breathing, and talking with minor injuries.

They were both taken to the hospital where their current condition is not known.

One house had very minor damage to the property, and nobody else in the houses or around the area was injured.

Police say the crew told them that they were on a test flight in the survey helicopter when they suddenly heard a loud pop and then began losing altitude.

Police believe the helicopter may have hit the side of one house before hitting a palm tree, and then the ground.

The area will be closed off for around 24 hours while authorities complete their investigation.


  1. They should play the lottery from now on. I wonder what caused the pop? Sounds like the chopper just came out of maintenance. The clicking sound in the doorbell video I presume has nothing to do with the chopper.

  2. It looks like a pipeline survey helicopter. A maintenance test flight. I'll bet the A&P is sweating bullets.

  3. Looks like the homeowner may owe the pilot for pruning his palms😜

  4. First flight out of maintenance is dangerous