Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Beech S35 Bonanza, N5696K: Incident occurred August 30, 2022 near Spinks Airport (KFWS), Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas


A pilot is OK after making an emergency landing in the grass off Chisholm Trail Parkway in South Fort Worth Tuesday morning.

The Fort Worth Fire Department said the pilot reported an engine failure and was trying to get to nearby Spinks Airport but didn't make it.

The plane came down in a grassy area east of the highway and north of Oakmont Boulevard.

The fire department said the pilot thought about the recent rain and potentially soft ground so he put up his landing gear and did a belly landing. From Texas Sky Ranger, the plane appears to have skidded along the ground before spinning around and coming to a stop.

The plane appeared to be largely intact though there was visible damage to the propeller.

The pilot was OK and did not require medical treatment.

According to the FAA registry, the plane is a single-engine 1964 Beechcraft S35 Bonanza with ownership in Austin.


  1. No oil or soot visible on the cowlings or around the engine. It will be interesting to know what caused the engine to fail. Good landing, looks like he did not extend the flaps.

  2. Track:

  3. Hate to see another gorgeous V tail bite the dust, the fleet is getting smaller all the time.

    1. That airplane will probably fly again. Would not scratch that one from list just yet.