Saturday, July 31, 2021

Truckee Tahoe Airport District Board decides to cancel Air Show and Family Festival due to plane crash: Bombardier CL-600-2B16 Challenger 605, N605TR

The Truckee Tahoe Airport District Board reached a consensus Wednesday to cancel the 2021 Air Show & Family Festival due to the plane crash that occurred Monday, July 26.

A special board meeting date will be set to put this item on the Airport District Board Meeting agenda for official action to be taken, a video of the meeting shows.

The event, titled Truckee Tahoe Air Show & Family Festival: A Day of Remembrance, was set to take place September 10 through 12, the 20th anniversary of the September 11 attacks.

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the board is August 25.

The Airport District Board of Directors are Kathryn Rohlf, Mary Hetherington, Teresa O’Dette, David Diamond, and Rick Stevens.


  1. The private jet crash was not a warbird/air show crash. The "trauma" of hearing jets arriving to the airport every day won't go away by canceling the air show. An accommodation can be made for sensitivity to loud overflight by tailoring the show, not ending it.

    There should at least be the opportunity to come out for static display aircraft, hangar exhibits and some bush plane STOL demos. Plenty of space to also include car club classic auto displays if invitations are put out to add them.

    The show cancellation unwittingly teaches young people by example that the reaction to adverse events is always to shutdown and hide in fear. The original hazard represented by the N605TR crash is not reducing, since jets will still operate at Truckee every day, even in smoke and weather.

    Truckee Tahoe Airshow 2016:

  2. An incredible overreaction by the Board. One event has no bearing on the other than, as mentioned, fear mongering. Perhaps the Board was looking for an excuse to canx the Airshow.

  3. Well, the board acted on emotions, but since the event was not actually on the board’s agenda, an official vote has not been made, simply their intent to cancel the event. Perhaps the event can still be held in a manner that respects the significant losses of life while at the same time celebrates aviation and gives the community an opportunity to heal from the tragedy.

  4. I think a one day air show commemorating September 11th is far more palatable than the idiot skydiving plane that intentionally buzzes neighborhoods in his loud plane EVERY DAY.

    We are prepared to start boycotting his business and the airport. Enough is enough!

  5. It is a very bad decision. They should do the opposite, to show the advantages of aviation, capabilities of modern aircrafts, the usefulness of airport. They instead decided to put their heads into the sand.