Saturday, July 31, 2021

Bell OH-58A Kiowa, N63097: Incident occurred July 29, 2021 in Brooksville, Hernando County, Florida

Hernando County Sheriff's Office


Hernando County Sheriff's Office

HCSO Rotorcraft Makes Unplanned Landing During Patrol Flight

On 07-29-21 at approximately 10 p.m., Hernando County Sheriff’s deputies, with assistance from the Aviation and K-9 Units, were in the Brooksville area attempting to locate a wanted person.

During this time, the HCSO Aviation Unit “Air-1,” flown by Deputy Pilot Roy McLaughlin and Tactical Flight Officer B.J. Hart, advised the dispatcher they were having issues and would be attempting to land.

Deputy Pilot McLaughlin immediately left the heavily populated area of Brooksville, flying toward an area where he could safely land the aircraft without endangering citizens.

At approximately 10:15 p.m., Deputy Pilot McLaughlin landed the aircraft in a field near Brooksville Elementary School.

Hernando County Fire and Emergency Services responded to the scene to check on McLaughlin and Hart.  Both men were treated on scene and released.

The rotorcraft, an OH-58, remained on scene overnight.  Early this morning the Aviation Mechanic and Chief Pilot responded back to the scene to determine the cause of the malfunction.  If repairs cannot be made on scene, the rotorcraft will be trailered back to the HCSO Hangar.

BROOKSVILLE, Florida (CBS12) — Dramatic video shows the pilot of a law enforcement helicopter making a nighttime emergency landing near an elementary school near Brooksville on Thursday.

The aviation unit with the Hernando County Sheriff's Office had to pull away from a search for a wanted person due to "issues."

The sheriff's office said the crew of Air 1, Deputy Pilot Roy McLaughlin and Tactical Flight Officer BJ Hart, searched for a place to land safely without endangering anyone on the ground.

At one point, the pilot couldn't see because his goggles fogged up.

Florida helicopter pilot makes nighttime emergency landing near school. (Hernando County Sheriff's Office)

The helicopter touched down in a field near Brooksville Elementary School.

The crew was treated and released at the scene.

As for the OH-58 helicopter, crews are looking into what caused the malfunction.

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