Sunday, June 06, 2021

Vice President Kamala Harris Departs on New Plane After Return Due to Technical Issue

Vice President Kamal Harris walks off Air Force Two at Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland, on June 6.

Vice President Kamala Harris’s departure for a trip to Guatemala and Mexico was briefly delayed after her plane returned to Joint Base Andrews with an unspecified technical issue and a replacement was swapped in.

After the plane landed back at the military base outside Washington, Harris gave a thumbs-up to reporters and said: “I’m good. I’m good.” She took off about two hours later on a different aircraft -- after giving reporters another thumbs-up and a wave.

The original plane turned back not long after takeoff due to “a technical issue with the vice president’s plane,” spokeswoman Symone Sanders said earlier Sunday. “There are no major safety concerns and we will be able to land safely.”

Harris ditched her usual jetliner because of a technical issue during a stop in Los Angeles in March. At that time she switched to a smaller plane, while reporters and most of her staff took a C—17 cargo plane.

Harris is on her way to Guatemala and Mexico as she works on the Biden administration’s strategy to deal with record numbers of migrants from Central America.

The Federal Aviation Administration declined to comment on the incident.

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