Sunday, March 14, 2021

Cheyenne Regional Airport (KCYS) runway upgrades to pause commercial airline service in mid-April

CHEYENNE, Wyoming – A $62 million infrastructure investment is coming to the Cheyenne Regional Airport, and almost all of it from federal sources. But while the scheduled runway project will bring an influx of funds and jobs to Laramie County, it will also mean short-term inconveniences as commercial jet service will suspend operations for 11 weeks.

The project will include lighting enhancements, repairs and other improvements to ensure commercial and military aviation will operate safely well into the future, according to a news release.

“Commercial air travel will resume for mid-summer travel, well before Frontier Days,” Cheyenne Regional Air Focus Team President Wendy Volk said in the release. “United Express travel booked before April 15 and after the runway reopens in July won’t be affected.”

Anyone who has booking questions can contact United Express.

“These upgrades are a necessary to keep this important engine of our economic growth and opportunity going,” Nathan Banton, Cheyenne Regional Airport’s deputy director, said in the release. “Our runway has served us well for over 50 years. That’s longer than most. The work we’re doing will secure the airport as critical economic infrastructure beyond the middle of the 21st century.”

As for C-130 operations, the Cheyenne Regional Airport is working closely with the Wyoming Air National Guard to mitigate and minimize impacts.

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