Monday, August 19, 2013

Vans RV-8, G-HPWA: Accident occurred January 17, 2013 in Adbury Park, Hampshire (UK)

A plane flipped over after a pilot tried to land it on boggy ground at a private airstrip near Burghclere. 

The 51-year-old pilot was able to walk away uninjured from the crash, which took place at Adbury Park at 1.15pm on Thursday, January 17 this year.

In a report to the Air Accident Investigation Branch, part of the Department for Transport, the pilot said he was landing his two-seater Vans RV-8 light aircraft on a grassy landing strip.

It read: “There was a boggy section in the middle of the strip of which the pilot was aware but assumed it would be frozen after a week of sub-zero temperatures.

“However, when encountered, this section was much boggier than expected and the aircraft flipped inverted.”

The pilot, who had 3,000 hours of flying experience, said an underground drain on the strip had broken, flooding the area and preventing it from freezing.

The plane suffered damage to its propeller, canopy and left wing in the crash.