Monday, January 18, 2021

Skystar Kitfox Series 5 Vixen, N153PR: No sign of plane stolen from Cottonwood Airport (P52), Yavapai County, Arizona

COTTONWOOD – Police are still on the lookout for a red and white airplane plucked from the Cottonwood Airport on New Year’s Eve. 

Just before midnight, thieves forced their way into the Cottonwood Airport and stole an airplane that was inside a box trailer, according to Cottonwood police.

“The trailer and plane have not been recovered,” Cottonwood police said Thursday.

“There was not much video surveillance at the airport. I was told the city purchased additional cameras to expand the areas that are monitored up there,” Cottonwood Det. Matthew Strickland said.

“The subjects entered the airport and stole a box trailer which contained an airplane. These subjects also stole airplane parts while inside,” police said. “The total loss is estimated between $70,000 - $80,000,” police said at the time.

“Subjects were able to gain entry into the Cottonwood Airport by disabling and forcing the main gate open,” police added.

The airport is surrounded by security fencing and signage.

“Federal agencies have been notified/utilized. As for the intended use of the stolen plane and parts, we can only speculate as to why it was stolen and for what purposes,” said Strickland.

He pointed out that the thieves took the time to steal compatible propellers for the plane. The photo on the plane provided by the police has the airplane number N153PR on the wing.

The Flight Safety Foundation Safety Network website, which put out an incident notice for the stolen plane, said it was a Skystar Kitfox Series 5 Vixen and is owned by a private pilot.

Anyone with information should contact the Cottonwood Police Department at (928) 649-1397. Yavapai Silent is offering an award of up to $450 for information leading to an arrest at 1-800-932—3232 or


  1. Is there a license plate on the trailer? Does the trailer have a VIN?

  2. Seems to me that having GPS trackers hidden on the plane and the trailer, would have quickly taken care of this.

  3. Not sure where the figures of 70,000 to 80,000 are coming from. I have owned two of these planes and a large newer trailer to transportin and both together are not worth over 30,000 max. This trailer looks old and a kitfox in not an expensive aircraft just a kit plane put together...Sorry but just honest facts......pilot over 50 years and owned about 35 aircraft or so lost count...Just curious of why these two items are so expensive???? Humm???

  4. This airplane has an odd history. It was in a bad accident in July 2014. An engine out led to a forced landing. Substantial damage to the airplane and serious injury to the passenger.

    Curious to know whether this airplane has flown since July 2014.