Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Warsaw Municipal Airport (KASW) fuel sales down 50% from 2019

The Warsaw Board of Aviation Commissioners Tuesday heard that fuel sales at the airport are down 50% this year compared to last year.

Airport Manager Nick King said it could improve a little bit, but it depends on how busy the rest of the month will be.

“Typically, Thanksgiving through the first (of the year) is very quiet, not much travel at all,” King said. “This year has been a little bit different. We’re getting a lot more general aviation traffic than we usually do.”

King said because of stricter COVID restrictions in neighboring states, the Warsaw airport has been seeing more traffic from pilots who are flying in to Indiana where there are fewer limitations.

King said last week the airport had three aircraft from Michigan who “flew down to here so they could eat at a restaurant because they can’t there.”

He also said the airport has seen a couple charter planes lately because people don’t feel comfortable flying commercial.

The board also approved to sign a two-year contract with DBT that will cost $18,478 annually. DBT provides services for the instrument landing system and the automated weather observation system, which is required by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Mary Kerstein, CHA project manager, said the final inspection of the runway improvement project occurred November 20th. Items left on the project’s to-do list include edge light tags installation and a reflective coat of paint, which will happen in warmer spring weather.

The next meeting of the Warsaw Airport Board of Commissioners is 5:15 p.m. January 12th at City Hall.

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