Sunday, November 15, 2020

Cop Tales: My first month on the job

I was on the job for one month with my Field Training Officer (FTO) as a rookie deputy sheriff when we got a call of an explosion in the hills above a coastal town. When we arrived on scene, my FTO and I saw something we never expected. It looked like a garbage truck exploded all over the landscape. We exited our vehicle as we were the first ones on scene. I saw something close by the road and it had an airlines’ logo on it.

Since we did not have good radio coverage where we were, my FTO told me to drive up the road where the coverage was better. I told dispatch it looked like we had a plane crash and we needed assistance and medical aid. For the next two weeks, I was assigned to that location as the FBI, NTSB and other agencies investigated and went through all the evidence.

The investigation and the black boxes revealed the plane, which was flying at 22,000 feet, went into a nosedive. It turned out that a disgruntled employee of the airline shot both the pilot and co-pilot. The plane broke the sound barrier only 600 feet above the ground and it disintegrated all over the 2-acre site. It is something I will never forget as it was definitely a training call for the books.

- KS


  1. In case anyone was wondering which crash this was:

  2. ^Thank you for the crash info ... greatly appreciated here.

  3. The perp was a disgruntled employee who had been fired for stealing from the coffee fund. He was a dirtbag. The man who fired him was on the flight and he was the first one he shot with a borrowed .44 magnum. The pilots were next. Then he shoved the yoke forward and dove straight into the ground near Harmony, CA on the coast not far from Cambria and Hearst Castle. All they found of the perp was his thumb. The .44 was also found, probably a S&W Model 29, the Dirty Harry special. There was some speculation that the 9-11 Muslims were inspired by this crime. I hesitate to mention this but the perp was black. (Please forgive me).

  4. Air Crash Investigations (AKA "Mayday: Air Disaster" on some cable channels) had this crash story. It wasn't just coffee fund theft - that was just the final straw. The loser had a history of discipline issues and he took out a large insurance policy after he was fired for his seven out of wedlock children from different baby mamas (never got married). He also had a history of anger management and violent from those who knew him (especially cops). Total snake who should have never been hired by PSA in the first place for such a security requiring job.