Saturday, August 22, 2020

Dana and Tammy Andersen: Travel Air B-4000 Soars Through Space and Time

Lincoln City Homepage was honored to take to the skies high above Lincoln City Thursday with Siletz Pilot Dana Andersen in a really old — but new– biplane.

In this video, Andersen talks about how he came to be a pilot and how his Travel Air – Model B is one of only a couple flying in the world. The antique aircraft seats three — two in the front with the pilot in the rear. The biplane has been fully restored and does not show its 91 years.

Andersen is also the son of longtime Portland kids show host Ramblin’ Rod Andersen who brought joy to children over 33 years, as well as amassing over 25,000 buttons.

While filming Andersen’s interview, Richland, Washington, native Dale Shaver showed up for his flight. Shaver said the experience was indescribable and is glad he did it. After being gifted a trip to the beach, he says he saw the sign offering biplane rides.

Lincoln City Homepage experience was no different, with Andersens expert piloting skills and world-class narration underscoring beautiful vistas only possible from a thousand feet.

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  1. Good looking restoration. Hope they have many hours of safe flight.