Sunday, December 01, 2019

Delta Air Lines, Boeing 767-300, N1607B: Incident occurred December 01, 2019 in Milton, Norfolk County, Massachusetts

Delta Air Lines Inc 

MILTON, Massachusetts — A Massachusetts man had a close call Sunday after an evacuation slide fell off of a Delta Air Lines, Boeing 767-300, and into his front yard.

Wenhan Huang, of Milton, was doing yard work when a huge, inflatable slide suddenly fell out of the sky and took out several branches of his Japanese maple tree.

He said he quickly figured out the slide belonged to a plane when he noticed the word "Boeing" typed on the side of it.

"It's kind of crazy," Huang said. "Who could know there's something coming from the air and (it) drops into my yard, right?

"It's pretty heavy. You can't even carry it. Maybe two or three people can lift it."

Huang said police called the Federal Aviation Administration and someone eventually came to retrieve the slide.

Delta Air Lines said the slide fell of a plane that came from Paris-Charles De Gaulle Airport in France and was on its final approach to Boston's Logan International Airport.

According to Delta Air Lines, Flight 405 landed safely at 12:01 p.m.

The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating the incident.

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  1. how does a slide fall off without the accompanying door being opened??

  2. Really ... I know a few plane types have over wing slides that open externally ... Some of the 767s?

  3. Sounds like it “landed” still all packed up which would indicate it was an over wing slide.

  4. I would have crawled under the slide and awaited the money train.

  5. He kind of chuckled about it but that would have killed him had it landed on him.