Saturday, February 16, 2019

"It makes me really proud:" Henry Lowe to receive prominent Georgia aviation award

MACON, Georgia — When Navy Pilot, Jim Lowe, returned from World War II, he took his flight training and launched Lowe Aviation-- now run by his son, Henry.     
Lowe grew up living and breathing aviation, "I guess it's kind of natural I figured everybody knew how to fly. I just didn't know any different."

At age 17, Lowe soloed his first flight, and instantly fell in love with the skies.

"Coming out of the clouds, and being on top is a pretty big excitement."

After college graduation, Lowe worked full-time for the family business, flying power line patrol, U.S Forest Service Patrol, air taxi charter, and eventually became an instructor. 

In 1982, he became the President and CEO of the company.  

"We're like a marina for small airplanes, like a marina would be for boats, we store the airplanes here, we fly airplanes, we work on them," says Lowe. 

During his nearly 50 year stint in aviation, Lowe has served on the Warner Robins Museum of Aviation Board, worked on producing a film called Georgia Airports Mean Business, and chartered planes for celebrities.

"One of my favorite parts is being able to promote aviation."

Now, after years of promoting his passion  for planes, he's being inducted into the Georgia Aviation Hall of Fame. 

"It's just incredible that they have chosen me to be in the hall of fame. It makes me really proud."

In 1996, Lowe's father received the same award. Now both will sit side by side in the Georgia Aviation Hall of fame.

The ceremony will be at Epps Aviation in Atlanta on April 27.

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