Friday, June 8, 2018

Rockford, Illinois: Mercyhealth REACT receives new helicopter

ROCKFORD - The Mercyhealth REACT team has a new helicopter.

The new Airbus EC 145 will allow crews to fly farther and faster to aid patient around the Stateline area. the helicopter is equipped with all the critical care supplies found in an emergency room or Intensive Care Unit.

Safety features, like an advanced autopilot, will allow pilots to operate more safely. 

Lead REACT pilot, Clark Pollard, says it all comes down to size.

"The big difference, the big takeaway [is], this is a larger helicopter, overall, and what it really provides for is a better environment for our med crews to be able to execute better patient care," Pollard said.

The larger cabin not only means more room for crew, but it allows for specialized equipment - like a neonatal incubator - to help even the smallest of patients.

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