Saturday, April 14, 2018

Bombardier Global 6000, ZS-OAK: Gupta jet was spotted landing at Lanseria Airport on Friday night; the police were there in their numbers too

“Every day that the Guptas use the aircraft unlawfully is a risk,” said Alfred Cockerell for the Export Development Canada.

Pilots and Police Officers 

Bombardier Global 6000, ZS-OAK

The Guptas’ private jet, ZS-OAK has made its way into quite a few news stories over the last few months. From a Canadian bank wanting it seized to claims of dodgy flights to Russia and the UAE to drop some South African ministers off. Now, the jet has suddenly arrived back in SA.

EWN spotted the aircraft landing at just after 22:00 on Friday night. Unfortunately for most South Africans and the HAWKS, there were no signs of any of the Gupta brothers.

Once the plane landed, police and customs officials in uniform were spotted making their way onto the aircraft. They remained inside for a few minutes and then left. It appears the only people originally aboard the jet were the two pilots.

The plane’s legal battle seems to be the only reason why South Africans felt a short moment of Gupta-catching hope.

The brothers are currently appealing an interim court order that gave them just 15 days to ensure the jet be returned to South Africa and kept at Lanseria for safekeeping.

So what's with the legal battles?

The jet is owned by a company called Stoneriver. The problem for the Guptas come when Export Development Canada financed the plane and wasn’t happy with family’s legal activities.

The aircraft had effectively disappeared (just like the family itself) for the last few months. The jet’s tracking device was even turned off.

The Guptas had purchased the luxury jet from Bombadier with the help of a $41 million(R492 million) from Canadian export credit agency.

EDC’s legal counsel, Alfred Cockerell, expressed his clients’ fears that the aircraft could also end up seized by the Asset Forfeiture Unit (AFU), who had already had R10 million frozen from Atul Gupta’s personal bank account.

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