Monday, January 1, 2018

Belize: Suspected Drug Plane

Belizean authorities are investigating the remnants of a burnt aircraft discovered off the Coastal Road. 

The airplane was found in a remote area near an illegal landing strip. 

Police say that they are unable to say if the aircraft was being used to carry illicit cargo such as drugs.

On Sunday, December 31st, sometime around 1:30 PM, they were called out to the remote location. 

Interestingly, police report says that, it appears that the aircraft landed and it was set on fire afterwards.

“Police and Belize Defence Force responded to information, some two miles in an off road off the coastal road where they found the burnt remains of an aircraft in the vicinity of an illegal airstrip. Initial investigation reveal that the burnt remains seem to have been there for several days. Police investigation along with Belize Defence Force and Civil Aviation into this matter continues.”

“The aircraft, nothing was found in the area to suggest drugs?”

Assistant Commissioner of Police Joseph Myvett
“No. The entire area was searched and nothing. No other items was found other than the aircraft.”

“How do you, the authorities, make such an illegal airstrip unusual again? I imagine, that does take place?”

Assistant Commissioner of Police Joseph Myvett
“Yes. The Belize Defence Force from time to time destroy these illegal airstrips when they are found.”

“Have you been able to establish he origination of the aircraft yet?”

Assistant Commissioner of Police Joseph Myvett
“No, neither the origination; neither when it came; neither whether or not it had any cargo nor whether or not the cargo was destined for somewhere else. We have not established none of those.”

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