Saturday, December 30, 2017

Incident occurred December 29, 2017 at Duluth International Airport (KDLH), Saint Louis County, Minnesota

According to the Duluth Airport Authority, a plane carrying around 50 passengers was stranded on the runway Friday night for about an hour and 15 minutes, after a mechanical issue.

The DAA says the Delta flight, coming from Minneapolis-St. Paul, arrived around 10 p.m. safely, but lost steering capabilities upon it's arrival in Duluth. 

The pilot didn't realize there was an issue until they landed and went to turn off the runway.  The pilot notified the FAA Tower, but the Tower did not notify the airport staff.

According to the DAA, due to the lack of communication from the Tower, it wasn't until an airport employee who was doing a regular runway check noticed the plane still on the runway and contacted the Monaco Air staff that is qualified to pull an airplane in.  

The staff that is qualified to pull the aircraft arrived 20 minutes later and then had to get the proper equipment to pull the aircraft in. 

"It's a very complicated process to pull, pushing is a very normal qualification, most employees are qualified to push an aircraft out, but in order to pull an aircraft in, it's just like when you're towing a car not everyone can do it," Natalie Peterson, Communications and Marketing Director with DAA, said.  

The DAA said it took 77 minutes from the time the plane landed to when it made it safely back to the gate.

Peterson said their crews did a great job getting the passengers and plane back to the gate safely.

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