Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Incident occurred December 19, 2017 at North Central West Virginia Airport (KCKB), Bridgeport, Harrison County, West Virginia

BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. - First responders were on scene at the North Central West Virginia Airport after a National Guard plane reported experiencing complications with its landing gear. Around noon, an "Alert 2" was issued to all first responders.

These first responders included Bridgeport Fire Department and Anmoore Fire Department. The plane ultimately landed safely but the added precaution was taken because it was unsure if the deployed landing gear on the plane would work or collapse upon landing. 

The director of the airport described why the "Alert 2" was issued on Tuesday at noon. 

"The indicator light is not on to tell or confirm whether or not the landing gear is engaged. We visually have determined that the landing gear is engaged so we are prepared at this moment," explained Rick Rock, airport director. 

Before landing, the plane spent more than an hour circling  the airport. Rock said this was done as procedure for landing without proper landing gear. The plane needed to nearly empty its fuel supply to make for a safer landing. 

Rock said, "If the landing gear would collapse then the front of the aircraft could spark and you just wanted to make sure to decrease the likelihood of any kind of fire, explosion, or toxic chemicals." 

The plane did land smoothly just after 1 p.m. The pilot and one other passenger on board were safe and unharmed. 

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BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. — A successful landing at the North Central West Virginia Airport has ended nearly two hours of emergency response to an airplane’s landing gear complications that arose during training for the West Virginia Air National Guard.

Multiple first responders were on scene to the “Alert 2” call at 11:38 a.m.

Airport Director Rick Rock said the plane’s indicator light failed to come on for landing, leaving the pilots without confirmation that the landing gear was engaged. Rock said the plane had been circling for at least an hour in effort to burn off as much fuel as possible.

“You just want to lessen the probability of any fire,” Rock told the AJR News Network. “When the aircraft comes down, if the landing gear is not engaged there will be a lot of sparks. If there’s a lot of fuel, it becomes volatile and obviously you don’t want that.”

As a precaution, the plane burned up as much fuel as possible prior to landing to prevent any sparks or fires.

The state’s Air National Guard was stationed on the field today for training, which will now resume with the successful landing.

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A National Guard plane has landed at North Central West Virginia Airport after an issue with its landing gear.

A 5 News reporter on the scene witnessed the plane-a Beechcraft King Air- land at around 1:15 p.m. Two people were onboard the plane, but no injuries are apparent at this time.

According to airport director Rick Rock, the landing gear on the incoming plane had lowered properly, but the light indicating that the gear was engaged for landing did not go on. As a precaution, the plane remained in the air burning fuel before attempting to land.

No commercial flights were affected.

The National Guard plane had been taking part in a training.


According to airport director Rick Rock, the plane in question is a National Guard plane that was participating in a training exercise. The landing gear is down as it should be, but the light indicated it is engaged is not on.

As a precaution, the plane is remaining in the air to burn fuel, a process that is expected to continue for around 40 minutes. 

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