Sunday, December 17, 2017

First Aviation Services: Teterboro Airport (KTEB), Bergen County, New Jersey

HASBROUCK HEIGHTS, NJ - Evan Jacobs of Neglia Engineering Associates (NEA) updated the Mayor and Council at the Borough of Hasbrouck Heights Council meeting on Tuesday evening about a variety of projects that are underway.

On December 11, NEA, Mayor DeLorenzo and Borough Administrator Michael Kronyak met via conference call with First Aviation Services, the Tenant at Teterboro Airport proposing the expansion project which will impact Hasbrouck Heights and other surrounding communities with respect to stormwater and flooding associated with the Riser Ditch.

It was requested that First Aviation Services provide on-site flood storage, to compensate for the land that is being requested to be filled in.  First Aviation Services indicated that they are only tenants of the Port Authority, and that per regulatory requirements, there is no obligation for them to do so.  First Aviation Services provided contact information for representatives of the airport, as well the Port Authority, who would be more appropriate to coordinate such a request.

NEA recommends that Hasbrouck Heights coordinate with other affected municipalities to approach the Port Authority as a united front, requesting that they provide flood storage for this, and well as any other future projects.

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