Saturday, November 25, 2017

Consider Tallahassee International Airport (KTLH) property for temporary road

Philip Stuart, Guest columnist

As the Airport Gateway project/Gateway District debate heats up I would like to address Commissioner Dailey, all CRPTA members, all Blueprint 2000 Intergovernmental Agency members and staff, City and County Commissioners and all interested parties.

With the objective of moving vehicular traffic efficiently and safely to and from the downtown and Tallahassee International Airport I respectfully invite you to consider my proposal to utilize unused and underused airport property to construct a temporary road while the much needed Capital Circle SW widening project from Orange Avenue to Crawfordville Highway is under construction. Building a temporary capital circle will keep traffic flowing without requiring a maintenance of traffic plan within the full-length construction zone.

The number of construction days should be reduced significantly and may actually reduce land acquisition costs. The temporary road on airport property surely will lend the potential to reduce the environmental impact to Lake Bradford. 

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