Thursday, October 05, 2017

Unruly patient forces landing of ShandsCair helicopter

Helicopter safely landed in Belleview after patient reportedly hit medical workers.

BELLEVIEW — A ShandsCair helicopter had to make an emergency landing in Belleview early Wednesday morning after a patient was unruly with the medical team on board, according to the local authorities.

When a sheriff’s deputy arrived at Belleview High School, the flight team — a pilot and two medics — said the patient grabbed a member of the medical staff and punched him. The patient, a 66-year-old man whose name was not released, also hit the other medical worker, according to the deputy’s report.

The deputy was told that the patient also grabbed equipment inside the helicopter.

Marion County Fire Rescue officials were then called to the scene. They transported the patient, who was calm when the deputy got to the location, to Ocala Regional Medical Center. ShandsCair personnel accompanied MCFR officials to the hospital.

The altercation was reported to the Federal Aviation Administration.

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