Thursday, September 28, 2017

What the Hell Is Joon? An Impeccably Designed New Airline Says It’s Not All About Flying ··· Is this our ticket out of travel hell?

Remember when Virgin Airlines launched, all the lofty promises it made to ban mediocrity from our traveling experience, and how sad we all were when it vanished into the horizon?

Five months later, we’re trapped in the hinterlands of air travel—where seats get skinnier, cabin baggage is almost nonexistent, and that one airline we literally just booked for our last trip went bankrupt overnight, leaving us stranded in an overheated airport without explanation … or even an apologetic employee to explain what gives to 20 angsty people dragging luggage and burdensome U-shaped pillows through the no-man’s-land of MIA.

Flying sucks. We are frisked. No one cares if we live or die. There is no one to turn to for help.

But maybe—just maybe—hope is rising again, in the form of Air France’s Joon.

The difference this time? Flying isn’t the main thing it offers. Under the unlikely heading “Also an Airline,” and with some chic footwork from agency BETC Paris, this sassy new player is offering a “total travel experience” for a younger, more demanding set of globetrotters.

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